Media scoring is 13-12.........there HAS to be a rematch, this was the most split fight ever

Ricky Simon Round 1 Jackson, a rangy southpaw at 5-foot, presses out from the center, flicking out long punches and kicks at Simon, who stands 6 inches shorter. Jackson turns over, taking top position, but Simon is able to stand up against the fence in a hurry. Munhoz twice goes body-head with hard punches as the last 15 seconds tick down. Related Articles

UFC 223 results

Amanda Nunes vs. Raquel Pennington for UFC women's bantamweight championship

On November 5, the UFC had their first exhibition in New York City after years of being delayed by government officials and red tape with a dramatic first match, Conor McGregor vs. The WEC held its final card on December 16, As a result of the merger, the UFC absorbed WEC's bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight weight divisions and their respective fighters. I'm extremely proud and happy that I was involved with something that will now be part of what may be, some day, the largest sports organization in the world.

Under Zuffa's ownership, Strikeforce made minor changes, including adopting the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts in full, closing the promotion's men's weight classes below lightweight, and ceasing promotion of amateur undercard bouts. After an extension was reached to continue Strikeforce through , the promotion's heavyweight division sans Heavyweight Grand Prix finalists was merged into the UFC, and the promotion's Challengers series was ended.

The final Strikeforce show was Strikeforce: Saffiedine on January 12, , after which the promotion was dissolved and all fighter contracts were either ended or absorbed into the UFC. The deal includes four events on the main Fox network, 32 live Friday night fights per year on their cable network FX , 24 events following The Ultimate Fighter reality show and six separate Fight Night events. The promotion's first broadcast television event — UFC on Fox: The telecast peaked with 8. One of the other programming opportunities that emerged was a weekly UFC magazine-style show.

Fox Sports produced the pre- and post-shows. On November 16, , the eve of UFC She would successfully defend her title six times over a grand total of 1, days, before she was defeated by Holly Holm on November 15, , at UFC On December 11, , the UFC purchased the contracts of 11 female fighters from Invicta Fighting Championships to launch their pound Strawweight division.

Team Melendez , along with eight additional fighters signed up for the tournament via open tryouts. The United Kingdom has been home to 16 events. The first was UFC 38 held in London in Brandao 5 years later. Silva in , and recently with UFC on Fox: Cro Cop 2 in The promotion did not return to Brazil until for UFC , but since then, the country has hosted a further 20 events.

In Asia, the UFC has visited 5 countries. Japan had its first visit in for UFC Japan: Nelson , the seventh event there. The Ultimate Fighter has had international editions as well: Brazil since , Australia vs.

United Kingdom - , China , Canada vs. Australia - , and Latin America In December , an antitrust lawsuit was filed against Zuffa by several fighters, claiming the organization restricts fighters' control over their careers and earning potential. Throughout , debate over venues and possible case dismissals ensued. Ultimately, the case moved to Nevada federal courts, where Zuffa was denied its motion to stay discovery for 15 years of its financial records.

This has caused an ongoing debate and struggle over how UFC sensitive information should be handled, and who may view it. Especially concerning MMAFA founder, Rob Maysey who has taken the lead in representing the former athletes and has stated he hopes to achieve reforms similar to the Ali Act Later that year, a 12—16 month investigation began that is expected to last until sometime between September to January Because it was a privately owned company, no official comment was made from the UFC or Dana White regarding the sale.

At the time, it marked the largest-ever acquisition in sports. Lorenzo Fertitta stated that the new ownership, "with whom we've built a strong relationship over the last several years, is committed to accelerating UFC's global growth", and that they "share the same vision and passion for this organization and its athletes.

As a result of the sale, Fertitta stepped down as chairman and CEO. Part of the deal also allows M-1 champions would also have the opportunity to sign with UFC. These rules are also used by many other promotions within the United States, becoming mandatory for those states that have adopted the rules, and so have become the standard de facto set of rules for professional mixed martial arts across the country. UFC matches vary in maximum length, depending on whether the match is for a Championship title, or is a fight card's "main event" fight.

In all fights, each round can be no longer than five minutes. Championship fights last for a maximum of five rounds. Beginning with UFC on November 5, , non-championship "main event" fights i. Non-main event bouts last for a maximum of three rounds. Kampmann featured the organization's first two flyweight fights as part of its first flyweight tournament, which consists of bouts that, in the event of a draw, go to a fourth "sudden victory" round held to determine the winner, who advances.

There is a one-minute rest period between rounds. Originally, SEG trademarked the concept as well as the term and prevented other mixed martial arts promotions from using the same type of cage, but in Zuffa gave permission for other promotions to use octagonal cages, reasoning that the young sport needed uniformity to continue to win official sanctioning. Today Zuffa reserves exclusive use of the name "The Octagon".

The UFC cage is an octagonal structure with walls of metal chain-link fence coated with black vinyl. It has foam padding around the top of the fence and between each of the eight sections.

It also has two entry-exit gates opposite each other. All competitors fight in approved shorts, without shoes. Tops are only approved for female competitors.

Required safety equipment include padded gloves, mouthguard , and protective cups held in place with a jockstrap for males. Originally the attire for UFC was very open. Many fighters still chose to wear tight-fitting shorts or boxing-type trunks, while others wore long pants or singlets. Several wore wrestling shoes.

UFC president Dana White was so furious about the fighter's choice of attire that he awarded an honorary "getting those horrifying shorts off TV as soon as possible" bonus to Ebersole for finishing the fight in the first round, and in following post-fight interviews made it clear that speedo style shorts will no longer be tolerated.

Financial terms of the six-year partnership were not released, but UFC officials said that though the agreement represents the most valuable non-broadcast contract the company has ever signed, the UFC will not directly profit from the new deal.

Instead, company execs said the deal is structured so that the "vast majority of the revenue" from the deal — taking out only the costs associated with administering the new program — will be paid directly to UFC fighters. Payment on the new deal was originally expected to be based on the fighter's spot in the official UFC rankings, with the exception of the UFC champions. In addition to the per-fight rate, fighters would also receive royalty payments representing 20 percent of any UFC merchandise sold that bears their likeness.

The royalty program would also include retired fighters and continue in perpetuity. The deal itself was reported to be worth 70 million dollars which was what the fighters would be paid over the next six years which is roughly thousand dollars per UFC fight card.

Exceptions are made in the event of title fights, with champions and title challengers receiving greater compensation. All kits feature the fighter's name on the back of the jersey and fighters have the option to choose between a universal kit or a country kit, related to his nationality.

There is also a champion kit, designed to be used only by title holders. The new deal meant that beginning with fight week for UFC in Las Vegas, existing sponsors no longer appear on fighter clothing — not only on fight night, but also at all pre-fight media appearances — and in-cage sponsor banners have also eliminated.

Fighter camps are outfitted with approved clothing to create a uniform look in athletes' corners. Existing sponsors are still welcome to support UFC fighters. However, third-party logos are no longer allowed on UFC broadcasts, other than title-sponsor slots — similar to those seen with European soccer clubs — that the UFC may eventually sell to "a major, global brand" down the road.

In the event of a draw, it is not necessary that the fighters' total points be equal see, e. Uno, or UFC 43 Freeman vs. However, in a unanimous or split draw, each fighter does score an equal number of win judgments from the three judges 0 or 1, respectively.

Additionally, if a title fight ends in a draw, the defending champ retains the title. The ten-point must system is in effect for all UFC fights; three judges score each round and the winner of each receives ten points while the loser receives nine points or fewer although 10—10 rounds are given in the rare event that a judge feels the rounds was too close to warrant giving one fighter 10 and the other 9.

Scores of 10—8 are typically awarded for dominant rounds and anything more dominant is scored less. The Nevada State Athletic Commission currently lists the following as fouls: When a foul is charged, the referee in their discretion may deduct one or more points as a penalty.

If a foul incapacitates a fighter, then the match may end in a disqualification if the foul was intentional, or a no contest if unintentional. If a foul causes a fighter to be unable to continue later in the bout, it ends with a technical decision win to the injured fighter if the injured fighter is ahead on points, otherwise it is a technical draw.

Fights that occur on The Ultimate Fighter are classified as exhibition matches under NSAC sanctioning, and thus do not count toward the professional record of a fighter. Match outcomes also do not need to be immediately posted publicly, which allows for fight results to remain unknown to the public until the airdate of the episode. For two-round matches, if there is a draw after two rounds, an extra five-minute round " sudden victory " is contested.

If the extra round concludes without a stoppage, the judges' decision will be based on that final round. These exhibition matches variably have two or three rounds, depending on the rules used for each season. In most seasons, preliminary matches before the semi-final bouts were two rounds; in season two, all matches had three rounds. All matches past the first round use three rounds as per standard UFC bouts. During the finales for each series, the division finals have the standard three rounds, plus a fourth round if the judges score a tie.

The UFC currently uses nine different weight classes: Non-title fights have a one-pound leniency. In title fights, the participants must weight no more than that permitted for the relevant weight division. The Commission may also approve catch weight bouts, subject to their review and discretion. For example, the Commission may still decide to allow the contest the maximum weight allowed is pounds if it feels that the contest would still be fair, safe, and competitive.

MMA journalists and fans have criticized the UFC for putting on too many shows and thus diluting the quality of their product. For 20 years [] Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg provided commentary at live events. Jacob "Stitch" Duran was one of the best known cutmen working for the organization. UFC fighters are paid per fight, with amounts depending on how well-known the fighters are and how well sponsored a fighter and an event is.

Fighters will typically get paid money to fight, called show money, with an additional bonus if they win, called a win bonus. Occasionally, fighters will earn more. For less well-known fighters, they can be several times larger than the contracted amount for the fight. The agreement gives THQ exclusive rights to current and next-generation consoles as well as to PC and handheld titles. Also included are "certain wireless rights" which were not detailed. The licensing agreement was set to expire in , although it appeared to have been extended to Limited edition versions include fabric walk out tees or paint variations and are limited in number with foil and holographic packaging variances.

As of [update] the schedule envisages the release of these figures in November Three 2 packs series have also been released, as well as several expo and internet exclusives. There are also several different octagon cage playsets that have been released, including the "Octagon Playset", "Official Scale Octagon Playset", and "Electronic Reaction Octagon Playset".

A PRIDE style ring playset was also originally planned; however, no news have been given on its status or release date since then. They have since been released onto boxsets which feature around 10 events each set, in chronological order. UFC on-demand content launched for Xbox on December 20, Subscribers are able to view pay-per-view events in high definition, connect with friends to predict fight results, and have the ability to compare fighter statistics and records.

In Brazil, events are broadcast live on Combate Channel from Globosat. Rede Globo 's are broadcast tape-delayed from In India , events are broadcast on Sony Six. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see UFC disambiguation.

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Much more of what we saw in third round. You can see the confidence growing in Jedrzejczyk. Whoever wins the next round will be the champion. Who wants it more? We are about to find out. Jedrzejczyk made the much needed adjustment by starting to use the leg kicks.

It got her back in the fight. It set up her punches and those kicks are starting to take a wear on Namajunas' movement and in her strikes. Now, we have a fight. Something to watch for as the fight goes on. Great first round for the champion. Her composure is second to none: She's getting off the harder shots and the better of the exchanges.

Can the former champion make the proper adjustments? If not, she will be in a world of trouble. Great ovations for Namajunas and Jedrzejczyk. Don't leave your seat. This is going to be fun. Another scorecard you have to shake your head. He battered Kattar's leg with thunderous leg kicks to the point where you could see the swelling through Kattar's shorts in his left leg. Moicano's now won seven of his last eight. He's another prospect you have to watch out for in a stacked featherweight division.

Needs to adapt quickly. Next at UFC , in featherweight action, No. Moicano's won three of his last four but came up short against Brian Ortega by third-round submission in a fight he was winning. Bochniak by unanimous decision , , What a fun fight! His grappling is unlike anything I've ever seen. He needs to be tested against a top opponent. He called out Yair Rodriguez in September for the rumored event to be taking place in Russia.

I'd be down for that. He's and rides a fight winning streak, winning eight of them by stoppage. This is the undercard fight I'm looking forward to the most. Two top level prospects looking to breakthrough in the talent-rich pound division.

A great performance by Gruetzemacher. By far, the best performance of his career. But Lauzon wouldn't go down. His face was battered and bruised. Thankfully, his corner decided their guy had enough. No reason for any person to continually get punched in the face. Go on to live another day. The biggest win of Gruetzemacher's career as a loss would have likely spelled the end of his UFC run.

He's been in a lot of wars and battles like tonight take years off your life. It isn't worth if things like this continue. More corners need to look after their charges the way Maze just did for Lauzon there. You know Joe would have went back out there, but Maze made the right call.

Please stop the fight! Lauzon's corner needs to throw in the towel. No one should take this many shots to the face. Very surprised by what we have seen of Gruetzemacher. He's landing the cleaner, harder shots. He rocked Lauzon on more than occasion. Lauzon is in trouble. This is Lauzon's 26 career fight in the UFC. He's tied for most post-fight bonuses with 15 and has the most wins in lightweight history with Gruetzemacher is in desperate need of a win as he's lost back-to-back fights in a stacked pound division.

He does have six wins by knockout out of his nine career wins. A big step up in competition for Gruetzemacher. Can he step up to the moment? No way that should have been a split decision and the New York Athletic Commission is a joke.

Herrig didn't win the fight yet a round. Kowalkiewicz dominated the striking exchanges, especially in the clinch with the sharp elbows. Back-to-back wins for the native of Poland, who now puts herself in position to face the winner of the co-main event between strawweight champion Rose Namajunas and former titleholder Joanna Jedrzejczk.

Great shoutout from Kowalkiewicz to her stepfather whose battling cancer. SN wishes he gets better soon. Fantastic grappling in the opening round from Kowalkiewicz and Herrig.